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Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme (KCGCS)

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We are registered with The Kennel Club, and have been approved to run the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. This National Scheme for all dogs (pedigree or crossbreed) and their owners, is designed to train dogs and their handlers how to become 'Good Citizens.' It will also make you fully aware of your dog owning responsibilities and the need to own a socially acceptable dog.

There is no age limit on either dog or owner, but dogs must have completed their vaccination programme to take part. There is also a Puppy Foundation Course available for young dogs up to the age of twelve months, which aims to socialize puppies and to lay down a foundation for education and training. A certificate and rosette are awarded for successful completion of the course.

The Bronze Training Course is easier than you may think and upon successful completion your dog will receive a Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme certificate and rosette. It is not necessary to have completed the Puppy Foundation Assessment before taking this award.

There are also two additional levels of Good Citizenship so please ask about Silver and Gold once you have achieved your Bronze Award.

You are under no obligation to partake in this scheme, and we welcome you and your dog to attend on a come as you like basis, as long as you are a member of Wyndsend Dog Training Club.

Club Costs

Please note these may be subject to change, please ring for confirmation of current prices.

£5 - Registration Fee

This is a one-off fee which applies to all new members of the Wyndsend Dog Training Club, to cover administration charges. You will recieve a membership card and training booklet as part of this fee.

£55 - Puppy Class and Puppy Good Citizen

The full cost of this six week course will be payable when securing your place on the next available course. The cost covers the ongoing assessment and final certificate, when obtained. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE FOR WEEKS NOT ATTENDED. Please check when the next course commences, and availability.

£5 - Pay as you go for all other classes; from Bronze Good Citizen to Gold Good Citizen, also includes Dogs with 'Issues' classes

We do not run specific set week courses for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards, as all dogs who attend learn at such different rates we prefer to offer Test nights when each dog and owner are ready to take it. We have found this produces a much higher standard of entry, and a lot less stress for all concerned!

£POA - Home Visits

Home visits are available by appointment only. Please contact us for further details.


Club Rules

  • Be on time for your class. It is very difficult, especially for more inexperienced dogs and owners to concentrate when a late arrival interrupts the class. You will be advised of class times, with your application to join.
  • The instructors are in charge (well most of the time). If you have any problems, please let us know.
  • PLEASE ENSURE you ALWAYS clean up after your dog. Because there are NO “Dog Bins” at the hall, you MUST take your dog’s mess away with you.
  • We cannot afford to lose the venue as it is difficult to find suitable accommodation, which will allow dog clubs to use them.
  • We advise you to wear suitable clothing, for both your own and your dog’s safety and comfort. We recommend soft, flat shoes with non-slip soles, trousers are best as they do not impede with your dog’s ability to work, and try to avoid loose tops which could swing in your dog’s face.
  • If for any reason your dog is UNWELL, please DO NOT bring it to the class.
  • Please DO NOT FEED your dog up to two hours BEFORE your class. Think how eager you would be to work on a full stomach!! Not a good idea!

Equipment to bring

  • Your DOG …..!!
  • … with a COLLAR, preferably a buckle type, which your dog is unable to pull out of, with an IDENTIFICATION TAG attached to it. We now sell engraved discs – contact us for details.
  • A suitable LEAD (not an extendable lead)
  • Plenty of TREATS/TITBITS, e.g. soft dog treats, cheese, sausage or liver.
  • Your dog’s FAVOURITE TOY
  • Plastic bags or nappy sacks or a “POOPA-SCOOPA
  • And not forgetting ….. YOURSELF.


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